Student Awards and Testimonials


Deimos students that have won this award include:

Claudia Schwab
Andrew Berkley
Laura Oremek
Dave MacLean
Dave Merrick
Karin Sandstrom
Trevor Wellington
Samuel Chang (twice)
Diane Phillips
Chiu Fang

(The WCSC awards the Eagle Of The Month award to a WCSC member pilot who achieves a personal goal, conquers a new challenge, or takes their own personal flying to a new level. This could describe a 20 year veteran pilot setting a new world record, or a novice pilot celebrating their first 5 km cross country flight.

Nominations are accepted from the membership, and a vote is taken at the following month’s club meeting. “Eagles” take home a special plaque, and lots of glory.

WCSC Rookie of the Year

(Deimos students that have won this award)

Brian Gourley
Andrew Berkley
Peter Spear
Sean Toohey
Matt Nasson
Chiu Fang
Wilbur Tarnasky
Elena Kravchenko

2008 WCSC President, Robin Sather (right), presents Chui-Yang Fang with the 2007 “Rookie of the Year” trophy

If you want to know what the perfect “WCSC Member Pilot” looks like, take a look at Chiu. He learned how to fly last year with Deimos Paragliding, and took to the air like a natural. Not only is he a fantastic new pilot, with great flying chops and excellent decision-making skills, he has also embraced club membership and involvement, regularly attending club meetings and events, and helping out with maintaining the club web site. Well deserved, Chiu. Congrats.

WCSC President Award

(Deimosians that have won this award)

Ed Desrochers
Tom Clark

Nicole presented the 2006 President’s Cup award to Deimos Paragliding in recognition of all the great work done on the Sumas and Bridal Falls launch sites, and in other areas, during 2006. Tom Clark received the award on behalf of the rest of his crew.


Taking up an adventure sport like paragliding can be an intimidating task knowing that in the sky, you are completely on your own control. As I discovered, there are many skills, techniques, decisions, variables, and experience insights that are required to be confident and safe pilot. Deimos Paragliding goes the extra mile ensuring that all students fully absorb these skills and are ready for the next steps. Tom’s style and enthusiasm have made the novice pilot training one of my best adventures ever. The pronounced safety awareness and personal attention make learning comfortable in such a dynamic environment. For anyone considering paragliding, Deimos Paragliding is the wisest choice out there to become the best pilot you can be.

John Clarke


After looking at a few of the paragliding websites which offered lessons, I chose Deimos Paragliding for their professional approach to teaching. I have never questioned that decision since starting this amazing sport, and would highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to take to the sky. Tom has shown amazing patience in affording me all the time I needed to feel comfortable and confident in developing the skills necessary to advance. Tom has given excellent instruction on technique and safety, and has made learning an experience as enjoyable as flying itself. The support and encouragement of all the students in Tom’s school have made it a great group to be a part of, and a group that I hope will stay connected well into the future.

Thank you Tom and everyone at Deimos Paragliding for making learning such an enjoyable experience.

Laura Oremek


Sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination. I’m very happy with my decision to take the novice paragliding instruction with Deimos. The journey has been super fun and instructive. Tom does an excellent job of training pilots to be safe and skilled. His novice training takes you far beyond the standard novice training. Best of all, you have a great time doing it. I’m continuing on with the his
intermediate training.

Peter Spear


Daryl had asked me to email you to thank you for the great flight last Sunday. I know the weather was bad but he still thought it was amazing. He wanted to thank you for your talent as his pilot as he felt in very good hands. One day our daughter would like to do the same as Daryl and come for a flight but right now they live up north but will be transfered south in the next year. She was there to watch her dad but she had just had a baby so not a good time to do that for the first time. Anyways I’m sure we will be in touch at some point so a huge big thanks.

Bye for now
Daryl and Diane Bridge


I checked up on a lot of schools before deciding on Deimos. The general consensus among the entire flying community in the Lower Mainland is that Tom is a great teacher. After finishing my training, I would have to agree. He’s focused on safety which is so important in this sport. With the proper instruction and good habits formed early in a pilots career, you can fly for a very long time without ever getting into trouble. Sometimes the focus on safety can be frustrating for the new pilot who just wants to get into the air but I think it is a much better teaching philosophy to ground an eager student in too strong conditions… rather than throwing him/her off the mountain without the proper skills to handle the turbulence and hoping for the best.
I’ve seen other instructors do that and it really scares me when I see it happening. Tom keeps track of all his students skill levels and how they are progressing… and he always makes sure the conditions suitable for his/her skill before letting the student launch. All the Deimosians are very kind and helpful and everyone is eager to lend a helping hand which makes for a very good environment to learn in.

It’s easy to progress quickly with Tom because he is always available when the weather is good. Even me, with my very busy schedule, I was able to get signed off in just under a year, only coming out on average one weekend every month. I initially thought that I would take the novice with Tom, then change to another school to do the Intermediate course. That way I would get a broader range of advice and instruction but I realize that I’ve got a lot more to learn from Tom and I’m staying with him for the Intermediate training.

Chiu Fang


“I have always dreamed of flying and I have been looking at paragliding for a few years before I finally started my training. I talked to many local pilots and other schools before coming to Deimos. My first meetings with Tom and his in-depth approach to training made me quickly aware that I had found the right school. Tom has a passion for the sport, combined with a deep understanding of the mechanics of Paragliding and knowledge of the winds. He has the ability to quickly assess a student’s style and makes corrections as needed. Tom does not simply ‘throw you off the mountain’, but makes sure you get ample training hill experience, and feel comfortable on tandem. Tom never rushes a student, but helps them to grow into a
confident and skilled pilot. A novice rating from Deimos can not be compared with a similar rating from any other local school. I feel that I could never have progressed in the sport as quickly and easily without Tom. My overall experience with Deimos has been amazing, I have made many great friends and I have had some truly awe-inspiring flights.
Thanks Tom.”

Sean Toohey

“It took me almost a year to become a pilot and I could not have done it without Tom being so patient and not pushing me until I feel ready to take a leap of faith. Tom’s enthusiasm is another major reason that kept me going his love for the sport is truly infectious! Now I cannot get enough! Sky is not the limit and I will see you in the air..”

Samuel Chang

“My childhood dream was to fly.  The quality of instruction I received at Deimos I have no doubt is some of the best in the world!  The knowledge that you received from Tom far exceeds the cost of the course. I would recommend Deimos to everyone with the desire to fly, and I have the utmost confidence they would never regret choosing Deimos. Thanks again Tom for showing me how to safely fulfill my dream of flight.”

Shane Kjar

As a holder of a private pilots license prior to training with Deimos, over the years I had received training or evaluation from a total of 14 flight instructors, several of which are now airline pilots. I can say without reservation that the attention to safety and dedication to quality of service of the Deimos instructors was at an equal level to those instructors. This was particularly apparent in three ways. Firstly, a breadth of experience in many unusual, real flight situations pilots need to be aware of was conveying to students in meaningful ways. Secondly, in the instructor’s ability to respond in practical training to the differing strengths and weaknesses of individual students, to ensure all students complete the course with an equally high standard of training. Finally, the Deimos training technique ensures you get training on a variety of practice hills, flying sites, weather conditions and equipment as appropriate to your level of ability as your skills advance.

Trevor Wellington


I just wanted to let you know that I have found my training with you truly top notch. I can imagine that you may have been a little concerned when things got exciting today, and I was very happy that you had prepared me very well for an incident like today. We had repeatedly discussed many scenarios and I felt I had a good understanding of procedures before things got exciting today. It is impossible to prepare a student for absolutely every possibility with a recipe-style solution. Paragliding does not offer a recipe book and that is why we love it.

Arthur Sanderson


Before I started Paragliding I talked with a few pilots to find out where I should go to learn.  Unanimously I was told to talk with Tom Clark from Deimos Paragliding. I’m really glad that I did!  From the first phone call Tom it was very easy to talk with. He told me to come by for a lesson and we would go from there.
Tom is an excellent instructor; he communicates clearly and patiently teaches you the skills required to become a skilled and safe pilot. The environment at Deimos is fantastic! Tom has managed to create an atmosphere where everyone learns together, and there is no shame in asking questions or making mistakes.
In Tom I found both a great Paragliding Instructor and a good friend.
Don’t be surprised if you find the same.

Christopher Bailey
“I would highly recommend learning to fly with Deimos Paragliding.   They’ve managed to combine great instructors with sound teaching methods to produce a fun, safe and exciting experience.  If you want to learn to fly, fly with Deimos! ”


“I just wanted to say thank you for an incredibly memorable experience….we’ve both been grinning like lunatics all weekend!  My Dad appears to have been bitten by an enormous bug and has been nattering on about lessons since we came down. It was fabulous meeting you Tom, no-doubt we’ll be seeing you again (my mum says she’s game next time)
Take care and thanks a million.”


“Tom, thank you for a great introduction to paragliding.Both Harmony and I had a really wonderful experience.We were really impressed with your professionalism and great enthusiasm. Please thank Alex for me; I felt privileged to have had him for my first flight,he is a great teacher. As you can probably tell I am completely hooked!
I plan to come and take lessons as soon as possible.
Warm regards,

Andy Maguire

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Deimos Paragliding school is the best possible instruction available. Tom and Gabriel are thorough, knowledgeable and expert teachers. Learning to fly has changed my life, and I cannot recommend Deimos Paragliding School highly enough!”


“Deimos Paragliding have an excellent method of instruction.
I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in paragliding”.


“Learning to fly with Deimos Paragliding,
is one of the best things anyone, thinking about getting into this sport, can do.
I found Tom Clark and Gabriel Cote’s instruction, both on and of the hill,  informative, exciting, and best of all, they kept the excitement in the sport.”

Paul Kramer

“Learning to Paraglide with Deimos Paragliding is more than just getting your certification, it’s a life changing experience with unbelievable instruction in every aspect of the sport. I feel incredibly lucky to have started my paragliding adventures with two such amazing people, Tom Clark and Gabriel Cote.  I wouldn’t have wanted to have learned to fly with absolutely anyone else.
If you’re looking for the BEST you just found them !”

Clayton Ross

Recent Deimos Students

Karin Advance
Peter Advance
Dave McClean Intermediate
Jonathan Intermediate
Samuel Intermediate
Patrick Lemire Intermediate
Andrei Intermediate
Chiu Intermediate
Patrick Lee Intermediate
Laura Intermediate
Clif Intermediate
Louise Intermediate
Wade Intermediate
Gerry K Intermediate
Andrew Intermediate
Karin Sandstrom Intermediate
Michael Intermediate
Patrick Intermediate
Elena T Novice
Gerry K Novice
Clifton Novice
Elena K (Grandma) Novice
Lawrence Novice
John Clark Novice
Jeremy Wright Novice
Zenon Novice
Wally Novice
Layne Novice
Thorge Novice
Claudia Schwab Novice
Laura Novice
Owen Roberson Novice
Aaron Price Novice
Dan Shook Novice
Patrick Novice
Chiu Novice
Eddie Novice
Sean Toohey Novice
Samuel Chang Novice
David MacLean Novice
Diane Phillips Novice
Jonathon Novice
Mark Tinling Novice
Matt Nasson Novice
Alex Wedensky Novice
Amine Korch Novice
Ari Freitag Novice
Art Sanderson Novice
Brian Gouley Novice
Chris Bailey Novice
Clayton Ross Novice
Dave Merrick Novice
Gabriel Cote Novice
JF Paradis Novice
Joe Payne Novice
Les Marshall Novice
Matt Ashley Novice
Paul Kramer Novice
Phillippe Bruneel Novice
Ryan Letchford Novice
Shane Kjar Novice
Trevor Wellington Novice
Andrei Novice
Peter Novice
Andrew Novice
Glen Novice
Lee Novice
Harv Novice
Peter Novice
Diane Novice
Mark T Novice
Matt N Novice
Owen Novice
Aaron Novice
Sam Solo  I
Nicola Solo II
Mario Solo V
David Chan Solo V
Brent Solo V
Byron L Solo V
Toler Thompson Solo V
Jon Ley Solo V
Alek B Solo V
Jeremy C Solo V
Warren Bruce Solo V
Alex K Solo V
Eric Solo V
Septhanie Solo V
Bernhard Solo V
Iris Torchalla Solo V
Doug Brown Solo V
Oliver Solo V
Kumar Solo V
Sandra F Solo V
James Solo V
Amy Solo V
Will robertson Solo V
DongHo Lee Solo V
Paul Lee Solo V
Peter Hummel Solo V
Adam Salah Solo V
Robie Solo V
Mohommad Solo V
Tim Harris Solo V
Roger Solo V
Pierre Solo V
Wil Solo V
Chuck Solo V
Mike Solo V
Colin Solo V
Amando Solo V
Malek Solo V
Sean Iles Solo V
Daniele Solo V
Lynn Solo V
Lucian Solo V
Will Solo V
Sara Solo V
Gautam Solo V
Doug Solo V
Robert C Solo V
Rick Solo V
Ted Solo V
Dan Garcia Solo V
Peter Solo V
Paul Solo V
Dagus Solo V
Andrei Solo V
Rick Hardman Solo V
Thorge Brueckner Solo V
Melba Solo V
Nicholas Solo V
Dustin Solo V
Jeff Solo V
Nels Solo V
Connie Solo V
Doug M Solo V
Rushd Solo V
Jill Solo V
Graham Solo V
Craig Temple Solo V
Felix Solo V
Mike C Solo V
Ken Rooke Solo V
Stephen Smith Solo V
Kelly Solo V
Addison Solo V
allan hill Solo V
Tulio Solo V
James Solo V
Eric P Solo V
Scott Solo V
Sanjoy Solo V
Marcus Solo V
Ann Solo V
Stig Solo X
Gany Solo X
Marshall Solo X
Alan Crawford Solo X
Pascal Solo XV
Peter Solo XV
Steven D Solo XV