Solo V Course

Solo Lessons V – $500 (includes a free kiting harness)

Flight type : Solo  – five high flights.
Prerequisites: General good health, between 18 and 65 years old.

Maximum weight 270 lbs.

Equipment needed:  Helmet, gloves, boots with good traction and adequate clothing. Deimos Paragliding will provide the wing, harness, reserve and radio equipment.
Course Outline:  Practice inflation’s. Five high flights with take off and landing guidance. Prepare student for the HPAC Student exam.
Includes optional tandem flight(s) and free kiting harness.
Special Notes: The cost of this course (100%) may be applied to the Novice rating courses ($2000 less $500 = $1500).

Learned flying skills:

* Controlled take offs, landings and turns.
* Steering with the D Risers

* Big Ears and Big Ears with Speed Bar.
* Effects on sink rate versus best glide
* Surge control
* Right of way
* Rules of ridge, clear turns, wake turbulent

How do I start?
Solo training starts on most Wednesdays and Fridays – please complete our booking form when you plan to join us.

The next course starts: Available all year round.