Solo V Course

Solo Lessons V – $476.19 ($500 with taxes and includes a free kiting harness).

Includes: up to five flights (tandem or solo).

Flight type : Solo – theory, training, tandem and solo high flights.
Prerequisites: General good health, between 18 and 65 years old.

Maximum weight 270 lbs.

Equipment needed:  Helmet, gloves, boots with good traction and adequate clothing. Deimos Paragliding will provide the wing, harness, reserve and radio equipment.
Course Outline: 

The Solo V course is maximum five days, and is typically held on the weekends. It starts with basic theory and inflation practice on a small slope, then a tandem flight or two, followed by high flights (usually 10 minutes to one hour long). This course is part of the Novice course. In order to offer the highest level of safety and understanding, allow 8-16 hours of training prior to your first solo flights.

Prepare student for the HPAC Student exam. Includes optional two tandem flights and free kiting harness.
Special Notes: You will have up to one year to complete this course. The cost of this course (100%) may be applied to the Novice rating courses ($2400 less $500 = $1900).

Learned flying skills:

* Controlled take offs, landings and turns.
* Steering with the D Risers

* Big Ears

*steering with one hand
* Effects on sink rate versus best glide
* Surge control
* Right of way
* Rules of ridge, clear turns, wake turbulent

How do I start?
Solo training starts on most Fridays and weekends – please complete our booking form or email us when you plan to join us.

The next course starts: Available all year round.