Novice Course P2

Novice Course P2 – $2400 (includes a free kiting harness)
Re-Certification $20 – challenge the HPAC Novice Exam only (no training).
Re-Certification $100 – one day evaluation & P2 exam study session.

Equipment needed: Novice wing, harness, reserve, radio, helmet, gloves, boots with good traction and adequate clothing. All equipment may be rented or “leased to own” from Deimos Paragliding.
Course Outline: 25 flights from at least three different launch sites in the BC area, some as high as 3200′ ASL. With this course we will provide additional take off, flying and landing training and guidance. Pilots with more than fifteen flights, will be required to land them self with just basic supervision. We will provide radio approach feed back like “you’re too high”, “you’re too low”, “perfect setup, come and land now”. Includes optional tandem flight(s).

This course will explain, in general, some of the following:

* Hands off flying
* Rear Riser steering
* Collapses and correction
* Emphasis on Canopy Stall Prevention
* Effects on sink rate versus best glide
* Surge control
* Right of way
* Rules of ridge, clear turns, wake turbulent
* Strong wind canopy control techniques
* Technical training for the HPAC Novice Exam will be provide.

Learned flying skills:

* Controlled take offs, landings and turns.
* Steering with the D Risers,
* Big Ears and Big Ears with Speed Bar.
* Students will be required to demonstrate 5 spot landings to within 30 feet of the target.

Extra Deimos Novice Maneuvers:

  • * Initiate Asymetrical Collapse.
  • * Initiate Full Frontal Collapse.
  • * Demonstrate spiral dive maneuver.

Special Notes:

The duration of this course is one year. For the first year, Deimos students receive free transport and flying tips! All gear will be provided for the first ten flights, then the student must rent or buy their gear from Deimos. If your wing, harness or reserve is purchased elsewhere, a $500 fee will be added to your course.

After you have completed your 25 flight course, additional gliders may be rented from us at $50 per day.  Complete paraglider equipment with lessons packages are also available. Students must join the HPAC and the WCSC (for insurance).

We welcome new pilots from other schools however typically their understanding, training and flying skills are poor and we will need to start from the beginning to ensure proper and safety flying.