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tom clark tom clark wrote on December 17, 2019 at 12:18 pm:
Dec 15 2019 Mixed conditions at Bridal today. light west wind so not so hard to launch if you have enough experience. Pam did a few practice launches on my old Vitamin, then switch over to the new U-Turn Eternity. Plan A was for me to launch followed by Pam and Laura. In the end both Laura and Pam thought that it was a little to light and cross to fly so they headed back down instead. This meant an earlier dinner and movie night at Pam's place - many thanks tc
tom clark tom clark wrote on November 25, 2019 at 7:49 am:
Just Eoin and I today on our Whidbey adventure. We arrived around noon and there were ten pilots looking all excited about their endless morning flights. For Eoin and I we had more than 25 mph wind - so no flying.
tom clark tom clark wrote on November 3, 2019 at 9:26 am:
A casual day at Bridal. Today we had Pam (complete with her stylish retro flight suit), Eoin, Sean (with his retro hang over) and Degas. We started with a weather briefing and a rough ride up to launch. It looks like a ton of work was done to the ditches and cross ditches. There were lots of new loose sharp rocks on the road now that had me worried. Light West wind so kind of tricky for the low hour students. Both Sean and Pam spent about an hour practicing before I decided it was time to go flying. Nice smooth air today, but slight East wind caused a few weird approaches. In this case Sean broke one of my rules “no sharp turns close to the ground” and learned the hard way. On our second round, Pam had front row seating for my baby acro show – always fun to watch up close. Unfortunately, my Titan managed was damaged by a sharp rock, forcing an emergency tire change. I guess snow tires are too soft to take off road – lesson learned.
tom clark tom clark wrote on October 14, 2019 at 9:27 am:
Oct 13th I’d rather spend the day on launch, even if it is raining, then spend two days in a row eating turkey. So today I got my wish. With the help of Degas we reviewed the polar curve with Pam while Manjur continued with the P2 exam. Eventually the clouds lifted and sun came out and both Manjur and I flew (no lift). A beautiful flight with clouds all around us. By the time Pam was ready to fly it clouded over again. About an hour later Pam was also enjoying the smooth air and a new smooth “swing though” landing. Manjur’s landing was not as good as Pams (10 % my fault) because the two radios I had for landing both went dead at the same time – so I could only talk for 5 seconds at a time. A strange feeling to be wanting to help out a pilot but unable to talk for just five seconds at a time. In the end he landed just a few meters South of the LZ.
tom clark tom clark wrote on October 7, 2019 at 6:54 am:
Oct 6 Diefenbaker with Pam.
tom clark tom clark wrote on October 6, 2019 at 8:50 am:
We started our day at Burnaby Mt. It was Sean’s day to fly solo, so getting some “real” air time is the best and safest way to go. Super light conditions so Sean, Manjur and Eoin were able to do many flights before we headed off to Bridal. With Degas’s help, we did a couple of rounds of high flights with my second tandem flight with Sean we were able to get about 100’ above launch. With just a few minutes remaining of launch-able conditions, Sean blasted off with a dreamy first flight into the perfect Bridal Sunset. I got to fly solo and was super keen to do some big acro, but did not want to take way the spot light from the real rock stars of Sean and Manjur – so instead I just did a low spiral so I could help with the landing of Sean if needed. Lots of perfect landings today.
tom clark tom clark wrote on September 30, 2019 at 7:03 am:
The strong NE wind sent us to Diefenbaker park today. I've never seen such mixed conditions so we went to a new park near by with limited success. Some good progress from Pam, Sean, Eoin and Manjur.
tom clark tom clark wrote on September 22, 2019 at 8:56 am:
An exciting day planned: Pamela’s first solo flight on my new XS wing, Manjur’s 4th solo , Tim’s 10th, Eoin’s first accelerated collapses, new student Sean’s first flights and Wills new partner Celine’s first tandem flight. Instructor Tonya, started the adventures by taking Sean’s cherry with a flight to the dykes, followed by Jeremy, Eoin, Manjur and finally Pam and I on tandem. We had a few moments when we were too low and had to head to the LZ, but managed to find a thermal to climb back up to the clouds. Super fun. We took a break for food then did a little kiting in Agassiz. Pamela was in love with the new U-Turn Eternity and was excited to test her out. So, we quickly packed up and headed to Bridal. JW went first and gave us a little acro show – sadly I had my back turned when he did his best accelerated collapse. Followed by Celine and I on tandem. Eoin, Tim, Manjur, Pamela all did fabulous leaving just Tonya and Sean tandem again. With the light east wind their landings were all very “interesting”. Congrats to everyone completing their “firsts”; and a special thanks to Wil and his son for helping with the driving.
Eoin Eoin wrote on September 11, 2019 at 5:02 am:
Sept 7/8 2019: Weekend trip to Saddle Mt. Got to fly from Saddle Mt. on Saturday. After some kiting in light but gusty conditions, at approx. 3pm I launched expecting to have to top land a couple of hundred metres away on a lower part of the ridge 30 seconds later. To my and Tom's surprise, I stayed above the ridge and it wasn't long before I'd gained a couple of hundred feet. Tom then joined me in the air and we attempted to fly the length of the ridge, but ended up turning around due to turbulent conditions caused by a section of BIG rocks. After about 2hrs in the air Tom had top landed and I tried to follow, but the conditions had become a lot stronger and try as I might I couldn't top land and eventually sunk out after flying too far from the ridge. Landed down below beside the road shortly after 6pm, and Tom had to make the 1hr drive to pick me up (Sorry Tom!). Lessons learned from this flight: - when taking off in soaring conditions from sites similar to Saddle, kite the glider until you only weigh a couple of pounds; this will be enough wind to stay up. - Practice top landing while conditions are still light, so that you have the skills dialed when you need to land in stronger conditions. It's better to top land in conditions suited to your skill level, than extend your flight and not be able to top land. - Pay attention to the shape of the topography and the wind direction. At one point I flew towards the large river (don't know the name) perpendicular to the ridge. Where I had started to glide towards the river from, there wasn't too strong a wind in my back, but by the time I decided to turn around, due to the shape of the ridge, the wind in my face was now quite strong and I wasn't sure if was going to make it back to the launch. - even if conditions are strong on top of the ridge, it is still possible to sink out and not be able to scratch your way back up if you go too far away from the ridge and lose too much altitude. - When using the "pumping" descent technique to top land, the pumps should be large and in sync with the surge of the glider to effectively descend. My pumps were very small and deep in the brakes; ineffective in strong conditions. - My radio muted itself against my chest strap during one of my attempts at top landing; I assumed the battery had gone dead (doh!). Will definitely be checking for this if it ever happens again.
Tom Tom wrote on September 9, 2019 at 8:42 pm:
Great conditions at Saddle Mt allowing Eoin to have his longest flight to date, about 3 hours. When it was time to top land, it was a little too strong. Sunday was way too strong so Brian and Eoin and I did Scarry Canary, an epic climb on Jello Tower.
tom clark tom clark wrote on September 5, 2019 at 12:44 am:
Sept 2 - Today we had Eoin, Manjur, Degas and Jeremy W. Our First fights at Woodside were a little weird so we quickly packed up and headed to the best site in the Fraser Valley – Bridal Falls. Alan, Karin and a few others were already flying when we arrived. Manjur and I had a fast launch and quickly found the thermals. JW and Eoin were a little lost at first but eventually we were all high – time for the acro shows. JW won for deepest spiral with Eoin a close second. After about 1.5 hours we joined it the fun with some small and big spirals.
tom clark tom clark wrote on September 5, 2019 at 12:42 am:
Sept 2 - Great conditions for Cabrinha’s private lesson at Diefenbaker, with many flights up to 20 feet high. Her new U-Turn Eternity XS will arrive soon.
tom clark tom clark wrote on August 27, 2019 at 2:55 am:
Aug 25: Manjur, Pam and Eoin all arrive precisely at 8am as planned. Lots of wind in Bellingham however when we got to Whidbey it was quiet. Prefect kiting conditions (NW) 5-10, with some 10-12 mph moments, but it never became flyable. Whidbey 2 Tom 0. PS> Peter your flight suit was left with the park ranger.
tom clark tom clark wrote on August 19, 2019 at 8:03 am:
Aug 18 Another fun day at Bridal. I decided to launch first for a more challenging flight or should I say fight. I was stuck at 300m meters for about an hour but eventually climbed back up and top landed to rest up for the next flight. JP, Martin and others all trying to go XC leaving to still launch JC. Some excitement during JC's launch (10 % collapse) but all was good afterwards. There was a little too much wind to go XC so instead we all hung around launch. I relaunched but the conditions were starting to lighten up again so I quickly top landed to drive down. Fun stuff. Aug 17 Spent the afternoon with my newest student Pam. Great progress so far. Another tandem and some more training hill time and she will be ready for her first solo flight.
tom clark tom clark wrote on August 9, 2019 at 8:01 am:
Aug 8th Since my brother was visiting we decided to go for a tandem at Bridal. South wind and his gimped knee made it a tricky task: we managed to get about 500' over and did a nice 6 turn spiral followed by a feather light landing. Second flights were canceled due to rotor conditions.
tom clark tom clark wrote on August 6, 2019 at 9:48 am:
Aug 4 - classic Whidbey trip with JC and Eoin both flying tricky conditions at Blanchard followed by many hours for advance launch training at Whidbey. Aug 5 - student conditions all day at Bridal today. Some big excitement for Manjur with his first two solo flights, and a couple of tandems with Vicki (aka acro girl) and Pam (nick name to follow). Eoin had another two spot landings and a baby spiral as needed for his P2/P3 rating. JC had a tricky launch and more baby acro tricks. Classic stuff with more beer, videos and food at the Wildcat.
tom clark tom clark wrote on July 29, 2019 at 7:17 pm:
Canadian Nats: Congrats to Deimosians Peter and Claudia for their 2nd place finishes in their classes: Sport, Women and Fun. JW was in second place after day one, but due speedbar failure in the next tasked finished 11th out of 22.
July 28 July 28 wrote on July 29, 2019 at 12:05 pm:
We started off with a couple hours of kiting practice, mostly for Manjur, but sadly by the time he was ready to launch it was too windy for newbies. The quality of launches from my Deimosians (Will, Laura, JP JW was outstanding today - a proud moment for me. Jason and I finally launched around 3:30 in cross conditions and started to catch up to JP and JW. I wanted to show Jason my "future" Zombie Apocalypse Home site, but somewhere between Styx and Laura's Ridge Jason had enough. Unfortunately the lift was everywhere and we could not land quick enough. Tip of the day for tandem pilots (bring spare clothing).
tom clark tom clark wrote on July 21, 2019 at 9:25 pm:
July 19th Another intermediate student Eoin started today with 200+ flights in just 3 months! We started with my Deimos polar curve tests and then headed off to Bridal for orientation from Clif while we waited for JC to arrive. Very weird conditions on launch; east west and north wind all at the same time it seemed - so we practiced some aborts. Clif was not so happy with the conditions so he graciously offered to drive for the first couple of rounds earning him a rare ice cream of the day award. On our second round of flights we were able to climb to about 3500' so time for some simple SIV maneuvers. The LZ conditions were a little weird because of this, both JC and Eoin could not hit their 3m targets (required for their P3 rating). More flights and P3 and HAGAR exam to follow.
tom clark tom clark wrote on July 15, 2019 at 10:45 am:
July 13th Today was the day I “promised” to break Clif’s ”Whidbey Island curse”. Earlier I texted him and said there was a 99% chance of flying today – my guess was it would probably be too strong but the right direction (W – SW). When we arrived there was one local pilot also wait for the west wind, but after two hours he decided to wait at home instead. The instant it was flyable I launched, however the air was still sorting itself out and I had to quickly land just one minute after launching. Clif said it was not really a flight so I needed to waited for better conditions (to officially break his curse). It took about another two hours but the “nice” air finally arrived. Brian probably did about 50 flights throughout the day, where my back started to hurt after 30 flights and I needed to take a break. Working with Clif together he found a few more tricks on how to launch in high wind, but with just one day of high flights this year, he felt that it was safer to stay on the ground this trip – always a good plan when conditions become too much.



Date Site Name Weather
Nov 10 Blackie Spit Cloudy Very calm conditions but as usual great success in learning the forward and reverse launch (Vahid).
Nov 3 Deifenbaker sunny West wind so difficult conditions for my newest student Vahid.


Oct 28 Bridal Sunny Another fun day at Bridal. Visiting pilot Rio had some problems locating the LZ (since the wind sox is gone), but he finally found us. Today we had JP, Ivan and Vahid.

Light tail wind on launch so you had to run to get enough air speed. On my tandem we were quite busy working on the standard Deimos maneuvers: steering with the D risers, weight shift turns, big ears, singles ears, counter wing overs…and eventually when to flair. In a few more sessions Vahid should be ready for his first solo flight.

Oct 27 Deifenbaker Park Suuny Lee side conditions today, so no real flights for my newest student Vahid .
Lots of good work covered towards getting ready for his first high flights with Deimos.A tandem is planned for Saturday to introduce him to my favorite site Bridal Falls (no titanic flight planned – that comes much later!)
Oct 5 Bridal Clear Tricky conditions at Bridal today , due to south wind. Not worthy of a second flight.

Wil T had more of an exciting flight than I did.

Sept 16 Diefenbaker Sunny I had a rare Saturday free so Miranda and Cabrinha got a private lesson from their dad. Since Cabrinha is just under 100lbs she was able to go up in the lightest of wind. She probably set a new Diefenbaker record.
Miranda, on the other hand, had to live with only sled rides. Time to start saving up for a couple more wings for my girls (custom colors of course).
Sept 13 Grouse Mixed Due to the long line up for the peak chair I decided to hike up (it’s a little faster too). A great decision because it started pouring as soon as I got up – I would have been soaked on the chair otherwise.
As soon as it stopped raining the Birds in Motion show started so I had to wait about 45 minutes.
Another no wind launch and I was on a smooth flight to CP. Not my best approach but it’s getting close now (it’s been a decade or so since I flew Grouse regularly).
Sept 10 Upper Bridal Mixed A magical day with my new advance students Tyler and Chersty.
We agreed that hiking to upper Bridal was the “adventure of the day”.
For the last 200m the clouds settled in preventing any launch attempts, however after about two hours we were above clouds and cleared to fly. Tyler when first with a very fast launch followed by Chersty and finally myself. As usual conditions started to crap out so I had to rush or maybe be forced to hike down. After I launched, I could see the ground initially but then got swallowed up by the clouds about 1/3 towards the LZ. Tyler kept sending encouraging words like keep the sun on your left and you should be clear soon. I was not too worried: I was having fun checking out my new phone compass (left my compass/vario with my tandem gear).Conditions were pretty light so Tyler and I headed out to do some intro Siv maneuvers.
Sadly, Upper Bridal is almost closed due to bushes on both the road and trail up. Maybe 2-3 years until it’s done completely. Time to hire some heavy equipment?upper_bridal
Aug 27 Bridal Sunny A busy day with 11 tandems – thanks to Amar, Andrei and Andrew.
Aug 26 Bridal Sunny An easy day with a couple of tandems (Ohad and Mr Dysdale) .
Aug 23 Swansea windy We had to wait until the sun went behind the Mt’s for the wind to die down.

Perfect one step take off and a 40 minute flight. Hopefully I will return for another flight.


Thanks for the drive from my brother Neil and and sherpa help from Steven for $5.

Aug 6 Bridal Smokey A few pilots chose to stay home due to health issues and the smoke, but for Maty, Dave and myself, we had a great day. Maty needed just a couple more flights for his P3 and the customary sign off tandem flight with Tom. Dave struggled with his preflight checks (due to a complete lack of practice for the last four years) but still managed relatively good launches on his Vitamin and later on his U-Turn Infinity. Maty was in love with the New ProDesign Accura3, but due to the lite conditions his longest flight was about 30 minutes.

After the first set of flights it was time for the “Titanic” tandem flight. Since Maty has an affinity for adventure, I decided to show him the difference between a spiral dive and SAT (instead of the Titanic). A superfun day for all with the driving help from my creator – thanks Dad.

July 29 Woodside and Bridal Sunny Started off with an advance kiting session with Maty and his beautiful friend Pega. Funny thing, he was more focused on playing with the new Accura and did not notice his girlfriend sun tanning – a true pilot!
After about an hour we raced over to Woodside where Maty took his first flight: initially he was below launch but quickly found his way back to about 500 over. We headed down to pick him up so we could fly Bridal. Light conditions so perfect for my tandem with Pega. We flew to Laura’s Ridge and just over my “Zombie home” and landed at the east Off ramps. Super fun flight hopefully -Pega will learn to fly solo one day.
July 25 Blackie Spit Sunny Advance kiting session with Mark – worked one three stage reverse and basic forward launches.
July 22 Blanchard Sunny windy I just got my new ProDesign Accura3 and had to test fly it. Strong NW wind at launch and a bit cross. Easy launch but right away I notice a problem with the speedbar line (too short), so I took a few more passes and decided to top land to avoid a potential problem if the wind picked up. Nice wing, nect test will be thermaling and SIV tests.
July 16 Bridal Sunny An early start, but this time it was for a harness testing at Deimos HQ.
Matt was quick to decide that he needed an airbag harness so he selected the U-Turn IQ5 harness (which happens to be the same harness I fly with). Next was the P2 exam Section three, but said it was still too early for that so instead we watched Ultra low flying – still a useful and impressive video for being about 20 years old now! A quick check of the weather and we headed to Exit 92 to meet with Cliff and then off to Bridal. It seemed a little too strong still so we worked together on adding another step on one of the lower slippery sections. We were done in about 30 minutes and the wind was surprisingly not too strong now, so Cliff and Matt launched. I followed as usual. About 30 minutes later and Clif was below launch, so I decided to top land while it was still easy. Matt was just a couple meters off his spot landing leaving just one more spot landing for his P2 rating.
For our second flight (sled rides) Cliff volunteered to drive down allowing me to test out a B-Stall on the Black Lite II, while Matty played with his new harness and the Muse. Next week my new ProDesign wing arrives – can’t wait!
July 15 Whidbey Windy So it is a scientific fact that Cliff has the Whidbey curse, or else Brian and Art have mega Karma points!
My self, Brian and family  spent the night at the Whidbey drive-in then very early (7am) headed over to Fort Ebey.
Matt and Andrew were already kiting but the wind was South and a little too lite to fly – so as Clif knows well (what happens next) we waited (slept some more and worked on our stick finding). I had rated the site 100% chance of flying and was not planning to leave until I flew. Sure enough around 2:30 the wind direction changed to West and everyone was flying. Each minute after 3pm it slowly started to pick up until around 4pm it was too much. We all had many flights, some landing in weird places (Art). Superfun!
July 10 Bridal Windy A tricky afternoon of tandems at Bridal. The air was very “soft” at times which caused me to shorten my flight on the first launch. Probably a good thing because my passenger just started feeling queasy about one minute from landing. More tricky conditions but we still managed a nice launch and a smooth second flight. Another great day at Bridal!
July 8th Bridal Sunny Mark, Jon and Clif were all on time (as usual actually) so we headed up Bridal. Light conditions as predicted so we waited about ½ hour. Clif went first and immediately sank out, but after a short time he was back. Jon had another perfect launch, not distracted by his upcoming wedding next week. But Mark was a different story. Coming from a different school (mostly self-taught I think) his technique is nothing close to the Deimos method, both forward and reverse launches, so his results may vary. On this day they varied considerably! 9 out of 10 on my crash scale. He did clear launch and managed about two hours of air time – like the rest of us.
Conditions were started to back off so I top landed just to make sure we had a driver, moment later I hear Jonathan come crashing in arriving about ten feet too low – his first Top Landing at Bridal (speech to follow – see below). Soon Clif was back above launch so I suggested that he try a few 30’ fly byes.
On his third fly-by the sky gods showed their wrath and gave him a nice 50% collapse, but he handled it perfectly and head back out to the center of the air (the edges can be rough at times).I was just about to head home when Will and Jeremy showed up “forcing” me to fly again. I switched wings so I got to fly my old U-Turn Obsession while Jeremy flew my new U-Turn Blacklite II. Two completely different wings. I was amazed how much faster the Blacklite was. We flew for another hour plus in better conditions, with Will as our driver – thanks.Lessons learned:
– If you don’t have time to practice your launches at your local hills, then at least do a few practice aborts on launch.
– Unless there is a good reason to top land, best to take a pass – there is about a 1% chance IMHO that you will crash and get hurt killed or worst!
July 2 Pemberton Sunny Reports of stronger wind due to arrive in the afternoon had as worried, So Maty and I launched a bit early. By the time we were ready to launch, a few of the beginner students had already called it quits. Our flight was relatively smooth with about a half hour long with a zero wind landing.

Super nice to be back in Pemberton again!

July 1 Pemberton Surnny and hot An interesting start to a great couple of days of flying in Pemberton.
After picking up Maty, I guess I was too excited to start our next Deimos adventure that I turned down a one-way street. Moments later I was stopped and reminded by a very kind police officer. Even with the extra delays we arrived right on time. A small crowd of pilots were waiting for Guy to arrive – overdue to road blockages due to parades . Upper launch had slightly cross but light conditions so we waited. Eventually we all launched and enjoy relatively smooth conditions for a 90 flight. Once in the air, conditions eventually got too strong so all but one pilot landed. I gave Maty a tour of Narin Falls and Mile One swimming pond. At 5:30 we packed up the truck and raced back up to Upper Launch. Conditions were still too hot so we needed to wait some more. Around 7pm I started kiting my Blacklight II (using very heavy D-Risers), by 7:30 it was time. Not quite the smooth Magic lift I remembered but constant lift was everywhere. With almost no effort I was able to persuade Maty to try (again) a Baby Spiral starting more than 6000’ AGL. The Muse, as usual, kicked him out after just a few 360’s. So we did a few more just for fun. Conditions at the School were still very strong, so we all followed Janice out to the Miller LZ. Thanks again to Guy for picking us up.Apparently, my stomach did not like the little bugs that live in the Mile One Pond and immediately let me know just moments before we had our camp set up – not my favorite memory. Maty wanted me to burn my shorts but instead I was able to clean them. This gave me a strong flashback of when my kids were baby’s and some of the classic BM’s they would surprise me with!
The mosquitoes were quite persistent, but I was too tied to fight them so I crawled into my “bivy bag” and past out.
June 17 Bridal then Woodside Cloudy Movie Dave, after recovering from some major life changing events, took to the sky today. We started early, at Bridal, so he could practice his forward launches. The Aeros Vitamin was the best choice due to the light conditions. After his flight, we headed to the Wildcat for a brief lunch and lots of catching up. It’s been about three year since he flew last.

Pilots at Woodside were about 1000’ over so we headed there. Dave, flying his new U-Turn Infinity, had a good launch and was even with launch for about 15 minutes but eventual chose to head to the Dykes before he got too low. I launched and was above take off until I aborted a few top landing attempts  (It was difficult to set up with pilots everywhere). Eventual I made a sweet landing (between launches).
I was hoping for another flight but Dave got the “Call” so we called it a day.

Welcome back Dave!

June 11 Bridal Falls Mixed Surprisingly light conditions at launch, so we waited. I was busy cleaning up the trash and installing a few new steps, the first of many to come (I just need to find the materials). A big thank you to all that worked on Bridal last week – nice improvement with the road, bushes and tree topping.

Finally, it was time to fly. Jonathan was our wind dummy, since I promised to pick him up if he sank out; instead he shot up to 3500’ which sparked the rest of us to gear up. Maty joined Jon for awhile, but by the time I was ready they were both below launch. A quick drive down and up again. The shade was even more pronounced this time around so we waited again. A few pilots could not wait any longer (for thermals) and ended up heading to the LZ. Another 15 minutes and the sun was back bringing lots of fun thermals. Maty and I flew halfway to upper and Cheam then back to launch. I was worried about rotor and collapses so we keep our distance from the tree. Jon reported a 50% collapse so probably a good idea.

After about 1.5 hours it calmed down enough to top land and call it a day. A couple more days and Maty will be singed off – another Deimosian is born!

June 6 Woodside Sunny, Windy Conditions were just starting to pick up when Clif , Maty and I arrive on launch in Maty’s near new Zip car. Jim’s student made it without issue to the Eagle Ranch: but to keep it simple, our plan was for the Dykes (typically smoother air) instead of Riverside. Elena and Andrei reported bad conditions there earlier.

Maty had a near perfect launch, but my rushing did not impress the judges  – Clif was criticizing me for hours afterwards, but since it was his 32 birthday (or so) I decided to agree to practice more next time!

Happy birthday old man!

May 27 Bridal Sunny With Ivan’s help – Clif and I got to have a challenging flight with lots of scratching. Unlike Clif who landed just a few feet off the target, I misread the LZ and picked up a last minute unwanted 20’ and slightly over shot the target by a 3-4 meters.
Andrei managed Jeremy, while I flew with Colin. After about 30 minutes Colin got caught up in the excitement and started to feel uneasy so we headed out (no Titanic this time).Surprising nicer conditions for our second flights. Tim and I had a great flight flying over to the Cheam Valley and back, ending our flight with a baby spiral and big wing overs – I decided to leave the Titanic for next flight.Mark had a 1.5 hour flight and landed just because. Lots of pilot high so another great day at Bridal!
May 20 Bridal Mixed A fun afternoon at Bridal. It was Clif, Mark and Maty today. Clif set his new personal best for highest and longest flight (2:30), outstanding for being his first flight of the year! Mark was away from the sport for a few years and also managed a long two hour flight. Both Mark and Maty made some errors during their SIV maneuvers, and conditions were starting to pick up, so I ordered Maty to the ground. I managed another soft top landing (On my Blacklite II) and headed down to pick up the boys. However they were all spent after their long flights so we called it a day.
Some Deimosian’s are flying under the radar by not paying their WCSC fees – if you fly Bridal, or Woodside then you need to help share in the costs. Please update your membership. Thanks to whomever cut the the grass in the LZ. Congrat’s to Peter Spear with his huge XC flight in Alberta – 307 km! World record is 514 km.
May 7 Bridal Sunny As predicted, another perfect day of high flights at Bridal with my newest student Maty climbing to more than 4000’ (with me as his wing man) on his tenth flight. I sensed that the conditions were still building, so we headed out over the golf course to do some baby SIV maneuvers. Maty continued to over-steer his Muse, but by his forth asymetrical he had it mostly sorted out.

While Maty heading into the LZ (I top landed on my new U-Turn Black Light 2, softest landing ever),  with BE to the ground and then raced down to pick up Jeremy, Jonathan, Norm, Tual, Curstie and a few others. Because the thermals were peaking at 5-7 m/s it was time for a big tandem flight for Maty. In no time at all we were at upper launch and on our way to Gloria, Elk and Woodside. About half way to Woodside we decided to head back to Bridal LZ – I think the cold air at 6000’ took its toll on us.

Super day – great to see all the Deimosians out there: like Peter, Claudia, Laura, Karen, and Jeremy.

PS – the Bridal LZ is almost overgrown – time for a hair cut!

Apr 28 Bridal and Woodside Sunny A little too much cloud at Bridal but both Chris and Jonathan managed to get above launch.
But by the time I launched, it was too cross and time for a nice sled ride (no trip to Yak peak as planned).Next, we headed over to Woodside. Norm went first and slowly climbed to about 3200’, followed by myself and eventually Jonathan. Andrei and Chris along with many fresh pilots decided to wait it out.
A pleasant 1.5 hour or so flight on my new Blacklight II.
April 14-16 Savona Lumby mixed Another super fun weekend with lots of interesting a delicious camping food and a variety of flights. More than 20 paragliding pilots and 15+ hang gliders too.

My newest student Maty join us for mostly kiting but still managed three flights over two days. Thanks to Gabby and others for keeping an eye on Maty and offering the odd tip or two.

I spent the whole weekend focusing on Maty and his training but still managed a flight a Mid Toilet Bowl, the Dumps (high wind soaring) and Mt Baldly.

The driving time did not equal the air time, but totally worth it!

March 31 Diefenbaker Very Nice I spent a few hours with Miranda practising my tandem and solo launches.

Miranda was a quick study and did 4-5 flights at at 30′ high – super fun!

It must be a Clark gene: looks like she will be ready to fly soon, but we just need to convince her mom! Only 14 still.

Note: you can not consider a training hill flight as an offical flight, however, you can add the air time to your log book. This is usuful for wing resale hours later.

An official flight must be more than two minutes long.

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” The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them “