9 thoughts on “Book your ride up to launch”

  1. It seems like we’ve made a paragliding enemy at Diefenbaker Park.
    Someone call the bylaw officer to question what we were up to.
    Vahid said that we were just kiting and he went away.
    The officer was leaning towards kicking us out of the park, but I told him we were leaving for another location any how, so he said it’s okay to stay, but no flying.

    It’s sad that we can’t share this great little space. If any pilots are challenged by an officer again, please let me know.


  2. Why do I like Paragliding? Obviously you cannot love paragliding without loving the feeling of flying and the sensation of freedom. However, I also like the lessons I learn from the sport, such as learning to be patient. I am an impatient person by nature but in paragliding there are many elements that we do not control and need to be patient for the right moment. The weather needs to be “not rainy” and wind has to be “right”. In a way it teaches me to submit myself to the elements and wait for the moment. I also like paragliding for the opportunity to get out of house and into nature. Most of us are living in a concrete jungle and need to get out into nature. Paragliding gives me an excuse to do just that. Hope that this post is not too much on the psychoanalytical side. The sport can be frustrating as the control of the wing is not intuitive for me but the lessons and frustrations are all worth it.

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